Book Dreams

Hello, friends!

As many of you know, I keep tap-tap-tapping on my keyboard and learning the craft of writing from the most brilliant of teachers. Incredible empowering women: Kate Hopper, Julie Burton, Nina Badzin, Herta Feely, and Linda Sivertsen! These wonderful writers have propelled me, fine-tuned me, and inspired me. I’m delighted to say Find Some Joy, Dammit!: A Memoir of Incurable Hope is finished. And I couldn’t have done it without this village.

What’s it about?

At 22, puffy eyes and powerful exhaustion prompted a dire diagnosis. Days before, I’d snagged a public relations job and had a charming boyfriend by my side. I blinked. The next thing I knew, a slew of doctors studied my chart, furrowed their brows, and addressed my “quality of life.” What happened? 

Spanning two-and-a-half decades, this story explores identity, the revolving door between illness and wellness, and the potency of love in action. My first two kidney donors checked a box at the DMV, connecting us through sorrow and joy. My small-framed mother (“a giant of grace and goodness”) gave me life, again. And my all-in husband donated his kidney to a stranger in a paired swap—enabling me to receive my fourth transplant from an altruistic, 25-year-old hero. Find Some Joy, Dammit! shines a bright message—especially relevant in the wake of this pandemic—where there are helpers, there is hope. 

What’s next?: A bunch of rejection letters. Actually I prefer rejection letters to silence! All par for the course as I attempt to secure an agent and publisher. If that doesn’t work? I’m no stranger to Plan B. No matter what, I’ll have fun in the process.

What I Believe: You can’t be a realist if you don’t believe in miracles. So I’m driven to share this wellness story made possible by people helping people. None of us know what’s ahead, but if we seek joy—we will find it.

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Joyful regards,