What’s my story?

Welcome!┬áMy name is Jennifer Cramer-Miller. I’m a freelance writer and a marketing/custom home consultant. On most days, I’m also a gratitude enthusiast (except the ones when I complain).

My writing topics? A little this. A little that. 

Here are a few. My daughter’s red-faced confession to a hostile TSA agent became a fun family affair. My mom donated her kidney to me, so that was cool. My husband woke up one day without his memory. That was not cool. One piece may take a light swipe at the joys of clutter control, others may take a deeper dive into topics of health being off, kids growing up, and life moving on. (Not all in one day. Of course.)

This and that. That’s life, right?

Don’t you think it’s worthwhile to see life from the bright side? I do, but I make no promises. This I know, life is uncertain for us all. But when viewed through a grateful lens, we can live happy, dammit. That’s what I call happitudes. Thanks for joining me!