The Power of People to Help People

September 1st is a noteworthy day for my husband and me. Because eight years ago on this very day, Dirk donated his kidney to a stranger to enable me to receive a gift from a 25-year-old man I’ve never met—an altruistic donor who wanted to share his extra kidney. When Dirk’s selflessness merged with the benevolence of a stranger, I was immersed in the power of people to help people. And my gratitude is explosive.

People ask me how long this kidney will last, and the answer: I don’t know. Because autoimmune kidney disease is a persistent bugger, and transplants don’t last forever. So my time with this kidney is a bit like being Cinderella at the ball, I just don’t know when the stroke of midnight will come. But I do know the best thing is to appreciate every day and live happy, now. Dammit. And give back.

That’s why I am on the board and support the life-changing work of the National Kidney Foundation. Our work helps people like me, and the nearly 30 million Americans with kidney disease. So on October 12th, we’re walking with dear friends at the Thomson Reuters campus in Eagan to raise funds for kidney health.

We’ve formed The Live Happy, Dammit Team. And we’d love your tax-deductible financial support to further the power of people helping people. A little or a lot? It doesn’t matter. Anything is something to help kidney patients live better lives. If you are able and willing – THANK YOU! Just click on the link below.

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